Dia Plans Thomas Hirschhorn Show in Chelsea in September, ‘Gramsci Monument’ Next Year

Hirschhorn, ‘UN (United Nations) Miniature’ installation at MUSAC in Budapest in 2009. (Courtesy Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images)

Come September, Thomas Hirschhorn will be one of the most visible artists in the entire West Chelsea gallery district. Gladstone has a new show with the Swiss artist on tap for its West 21st Street location, opening Sept. 14, and now Dia has announced that it will debut a large-scale collage called Timeline at the site of its future Chelsea project space at 541 West 22nd Street the next day. Construction has not yet begun on that space. (Our colleague Matt Chaban wrote about that project, and the architect behind it, earlier this year.)

From Dia:

“Timeline: Work in Public Space will comprise a 30-foot horizontal line of images, written statements, and text excerpts chronicling Hirschhorn’s interventions at urban and rural sites from 1989 to 2011.”

There’s more Hirschhorn on the way.

Next summer, Mr. Hirschhorn will stage his Gramsci Monument in the Bronx—”or at another location in New York City”—with Dia. The Gramsci Monument will be the final iteration of his Monument work, which he has staged three times before, most recently at Document 11, in a suburb of Kassel, Germany, in 2002. For that work, the Bataille Monument, he built a large installation that included a bar, a television studio, social areas and a library with information about the eponymous French philosopher. In her 2004 essay “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics,” Claire Bishop described the work:

“To reach the Bataille Monument, visitors had to participate in a further aspect of the work: securing a lift from a Turkish cab company which was contracted to ferry Documenta visitors to and from the site. Viewers were then stranded at the Monument until a return cab became available, during which time they would inevitably make use of the bar.”

Mr. Hirschhorn provided Dia with a succinct statement about Timeline that we present below in full:

“I love making collages. It is simple to make one and collages are direct and have immediacy. I want to make collages that are evidence in themselves.”

Dia Plans Thomas Hirschhorn Show in Chelsea in September, ‘Gramsci Monument’ Next Year