East End? It’s Only Beginning! At Last, the Hamptons Is Attracting Edgy Art to Match Its Glitzy Collectors

A few weeks back, as the sky rained buckets on the East End of Long Island, a random sample of the New York art world was huddled inside a white tent in the expansive forested backyard of the Watermill Center for the institution’s summer benefit. It was mostly dealers, collectors and some artists, with a few obligatory celebrities thrown into the mix (Donna Karan, Jay McInerney, Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, etc.). The party has always had a reputation as opulent, but the 19th annual benefit had done away with the more contrived dress codes of previous years (“Cuban chic” in 2003, “wild chic” in 2008) for a more directly artistic reference: “Pop,” according to the invitation.
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