Ecuador Officially Grants Asylum to Julian Assange, U.K. Promises to Extradite Him Anyway

This is getting interesting.

(Photo: Free Assange)

As rumored, Ecuador officially granted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange asylum today, according to the BBC. The Ecuadorian foreign ministry claims that its decision was based on the fact that Mr. Assange’s human rights may be violated if he is extradited to Sweden for those “hilarious” sexual assault allegations.

Swaths of Mr. Assange’s supporters are already celebrating on Twitter and beyond, but the U.K. government insists that Ecuador’s decision doesn’t change its obligation to extradite him:

Outside Ecuador’s embassy in London, the BBC’s James Robbins said news was slowly spreading through Mr Assange’s assembled supporters.

Our correspondent said they were delighted, but the UK government is insisting it changes nothing.

They will still seek to arrest him and they will not grant him safe passage. If he steps out, he will be arrested.

Somebody grab the popcorn.