Empire State Building Owner Tony Malkin Expresses Concern for Injured, Will Keep Observatory Open

The Empire State Building (ESB)

Tony Malkin, whose family controls the Empire State Building, just released the following statement regarding this morning’s shootings outside his landmark office tower. He notes that there was no violence inside and he remains open for business.

“Today, a disgruntled employee of a company which neighbors the Empire State Building fatally shot a former co-worker. Two police officers who are part of the NYPD’s normal coverage of the area around the Empire State Building approached and fatally shot the man. Nine others were injured in the shooting. This unfortunate event had nothing to do with the Empire State Building or with terrorism. The Empire State Building and its Observatories remained open throughout, and continue to be open and operating. At no time was there any related activity in the building. We express our deepest concern for those innocents who were hurt and our appreciation to the NYPD.”