Fitzwilliam Museum Aims to Procure Poussin

(Courtesy the BBC)

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and the U.K. government’s Art Fund are trying to raise $6.2 million to purchase a painting by Nicholas Poussin with the great title Extreme Unction (1639). If they raise the funds they’ll be able to avoid an inheritance tax on the work through a loophole that exempts works going to museums.

The Fitzwilliam director Timothy Potts, called the opportunity to buy the painting “unique” and described it as a “destination painting.”

More from Dr. Potts via the BBC:

“This would be the most significant old master painting acquired by the museum in nearly a century and would transform our representation of French art and of the classical tradition, through a masterpiece by the greatest French painter of the 17th Century.”

Fitzwilliam Museum Aims to Procure Poussin