Fitzwilliam Museum Aims to Procure Poussin

62185674 fitz poussin Fitzwilliam Museum Aims to Procure Poussin

(Courtesy the BBC)

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and the U.K. government’s Art Fund are trying to raise $6.2 million to purchase a painting by Nicholas Poussin with the great title Extreme Unction (1639). If they raise the funds they’ll be able to avoid an inheritance tax on the work through a loophole that exempts works going to museums.

The Fitzwilliam director Timothy Potts, called the opportunity to buy the painting “unique” and described it as a “destination painting.”

More from Dr. Potts via the BBC:

“This would be the most significant old master painting acquired by the museum in nearly a century and would transform our representation of French art and of the classical tradition, through a masterpiece by the greatest French painter of the 17th Century.”