For Just $24.99, You May Proudly Purchase a Magic Spell on eBay [UPDATED]


Unlucky in money matters and possessing a startling lack of unicorn-like abilities, Betabeat was delighted to discover that magic spells are available for bidding and purchase on eBay. Users like starlightoddities are peddling magic like “CUSTOM SPELL FOR NYMPH GIRLFRIEND magic haunted sex love lust genie WORKS FAST” and “POWERFUL MAGIC SPELL-SPIRIT OF THE UNICORN haunted magick WEALTH, LOVE, FRIENDS.”

Yuck it up all you want, nonbelievers, but starlightoddities has 100 percent positive user feedback. “fast shipping, just waiting for the energy at the moment,” raved one customer. “Best spellcaster of all time!!!” declared another.
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