FoundersCard Kicks Off New Events to Expand Global Membership [Lifetime Discount Code]

Don't say we never gave you nothing.

founderscard FoundersCard Kicks Off New Events to Expand Global Membership [Lifetime Discount Code]

Mesh?! Patrick Bateman would be so jealous.

FoundersCard, the Amex Black for aspirational startup types, has been on a hot streak, boasting a $1 million in revenue its first full year of business. The Soho-based service is a private membership card, not a credit card per se. But it offers the kinds of rewards and perks normally limited to i-bankers with a corporate credit card.

The company vets would-be card holders to make sure they possess an “entrepreneurial spirit,” which we take to mean an unhealthy affinity for the word “pivot” and a healthy karma score on Hacker News. Then, for $495 a year, FoundersCard offers exclusive deals on luxury hotels, elite status on airlines like Virgin and Lufthansa, and discounts at founder favorites like Apple, Bonobos, StubHub, TaskRabbit, and more.

FoundersCard’s 7,000 members tend to hail from state-side startup hubs like the Bay Area. Founder Eric Kuhn recently reported that 2,000 of them are based in New York. But the company is hoping to bring its air of exclusivity to a wider audience, which is why it’s launching four new events this fall–in addition to the Signature event in New York City already slated for the Mondrian Soho on September 5th.

  • Los Angeles (September 24)
  • San Francisco (October 16)
  • London (November 6)
  • Boston (November 24)


We’ve attended one of these shmancy shmoozefests last year and the can report that the free booze is as top shelf as you’d expect.

The company is also offering a hefty–lifetime!-discount for Betabeat readers. For the next few months, you can use the code FCBETA12 when you sign up to get your annual rate reduced to $295/year (down from $495/year) forever . . . or until the bubble bursts, everything collapses and everyone goes back to Wall Street and pretends it never happened. The code gets you access to the benefits, as well as these events.

You’ll still have to be vetted for your startup bona fides, but FoundersCard assured us they will try to get through the approval process in time for the September event in Soho. Not a founder? Not a problem. “Programmers very much wanted,” a company rep told Betabeat.