Gladstone Plans Thomas Hirschhorn Installation

A 2007 Hirschhorn installation at the Pompidou Center in Paris. (Courtesy Getty Images)

This fall, Gladstone Gallery’s 21st street location will host a large-scale, boat-themed installation by Thomas Hirschhorn, and concerns the Costa Concordia ship, which ran aground off Italy in January.

From the artist’s statement for the show:

As many people, I saw the pictures showing the inside of the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia after the wreck. The floor emerging upright had become a wall, the wall was turned into a ceiling and the ceiling into the opposite wall. Every non-attached thing was floating in water, like a barricade in movement. A barricade made of all that points out the impassable and cumbersome inutility. I was struck by this apocalyptic upside down vision of the banal and cheap “nice, fake, and cozy” interior of the overturned ship. This pictures the uncertainty and precariousness of the past, of the present moment, and of the future. I saw it as an amusing and disturbing but nevertheless logical and convincing form. This must be the form of our contemporary disaster.

The exhibition will be on view from Sept. 14 to Oct. 20, 2012. His last show there in 2009 turned the gallery into a gymnasium.

Update, Aug. 3: Updated the artist’s statement.

Gladstone Plans Thomas Hirschhorn Installation