GOP Convention, At Risk of Hurricane Evacuation, Could Have Been in Salt Lake

The mayor of Tampa has declared that he’s prepared to evacuate the city during the Republican National Convention if Tropical Storm Isaac grows stronger–how could the GOP have chosen Florida during hurricane season for their big to-do? Worth remembering that the other two finalist cities for the convention were both hot, dry Western cities, where the biggest risk is of sunburn: Phoenix and Salt Lake City. In 2010, The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder predicted that Phoenix would get the nod: “the hurricane season beckons and seems to have placed a target on the sunshine state during that month. ‘Can the Republicans risk that?’ Probably not.” We’d love to have seen a Salt Lake convention, though, if only for the tableau of Mitt Romney, who’s elided to some extent questions about his Mormonism, speaking in the shadow of the Tabernacle.