Hall & Oates Got Rid of the Super PAC That Was Named After Them

Hall & Oates

TAMPA, FL — Last week, the Federal Election Commission officially recognized a Super PAC named after the 70’s and 80’s musical duo Hall & Oates, but the group apparently didn’t have the blessing of its namesake. Jonathan Wolfson, the manager of Daryl Hall and John Oates, sent the Politicker a statement this evening announcing that “Hall and Oates Fans For America” was dissolved because Mr. Hall and Mr. Oates had “concerns” about being associated with political fundraising.

“Representatives of Daryl Hall and John Oates have been in contact with the founders of the Hall and Oates Fans For America Super PAC and are pleased to report that the group’s concerns regarding the unauthorized use of their names for fundraising purposes by the Super PAC have been amicably resolved and that the Super PAC is being dissolved by the founders,” Mr. Wolfson said.

Mr. Wolfson also noted that “the spokesperson for the founders advised that no funds have been raised by the PAC.” “Hall and Oates Fans For America” was formed by a group of friends in Atlanta who said they made the group to create and promote parody videos. William Hansmann, one of the super PAC’s founders, told us the group has no political agenda. In fact, according to Mr. Hansmann, he and his cohorts decided to name their group after Hall & Oates because it’s “as bipartisan a name that any American could support as there could be.”

Though “Hall and Oates Fans For America” claimed no political affiliation, Mr. Hall and Mr. Oates were apparently uneasy about having their names tied to any potential fundraising.

“Daryl Hall and John Oates recognize that the personal view points of their fans cross all political spectrums and are honored to be supported by their fans everywhere regardless of political affiliation,” Mr. Wolfson said. “The PAC’s founders recognize that the use of the ‘Hall’ and ‘Oates’ names for the purpose of raising funds is not an appropriate fan activity no matter what the goal of the fund raising activities might be.”

“Hall and Oates Fans For America” may be gone, however Mr. Wolfson assured us there were no hurt feelings.

“Daryl Hall and John Oates are pleased that the amicable dialog with the founders of the Super Pac have brought an expedient resolution to this matter and achieved a result both sides are pleased with,” he said.