Houston Rapper Slim Thug Wants to be the ‘Black Suze Orman,’ So He Wrote a Book

In 2009, Houston hip hop star Slim Thug rapped, “Hard times got the whole United States stressin’/ I’m writin’ a book, how to survive in a recession.” That was not a thing that he meant literally…at the time. But people asked about the book, and then they kept asking, and besides, there was a certain cachet to be gained. So someone in the rapper’s management team reached out to Di Angelo Publications and a few months and minimal edits later—”He’s a dirty south rapper,” Di Angelo’s Rebecca Walton told The Observer.”He wanted to keep it in his vernacular but make sure it was translatable to the layman”—Mr. Thug was a book author. The book is available on Amazon. Some brief excerpts below:

From the forward: I wanna be the black Suze Orman, I want to teach my people how to be more financially aware. our culture drives us in the wrong direction. Muthafuckas think blowing money is cool, when the shit is dumb. I want us to stop mismanaging and start stacking. I’m going to be the black man – Suze Orman.

From the dedication: To my muthafuckin’ self – Psyche! No but seriously, nobody taught me how to be responsible with my money. What you are about to read are life experiences that taught me how to save, make good deals, and plan for my future. So I dedicate this book to all those, who contributed to my view and perspective regarding the proper management of money. Those who got over on me, got me for my paper, left me hanging, fucked me over; I thank you too. Hopefully I can get a return on the money I lost through the profits from this book. Bitches!

Sample advice: Every time you get a stack put it up and survive off the extra change: It’s about being disciplined. Just because you can afford some shit, doesn’t mean you need it or you should get it. How I handle it is: I make my stack and count my money. Let’s say for example I have $8,700, I’m going to put the $8,000 up and take the $700 on to the next move.

Or you can skip to the 2:40 mark of the below and listen to Mr. Thug espouse the virtues of being cheap:

(H/t Investment News via Josh Brown)

Houston Rapper Slim Thug Wants to be the ‘Black Suze Orman,’ So He Wrote a Book