If You’ve Really Run Out of White Dudes, Check These Sites

Quit hogging all the tech, pasty men.

medium If Youve Really Run Out of White Dudes, Check These Sites

Medium (Screengrab)

BuzzFeed’s FWD tech blog has stepped forward to answer one of the most burning questions of our time: where do you find white guys on the Internet? As a service to the caucasian XY-deprived populace, FWD focuses its survey on three somewhat similar bloggy or social networking-related start-ups: Svbtle, Medium and App.net:

How white and male is the early-adopter crowd? As it turns out, quite. White males make up 81 percent of the users at Svbtle, 88 percent of users at App.net, and 61 percent of users at Medium. It appears that Medium is somewhat more diverse than the other two platforms. It’s important to note, however, that Medium is the youngest of the three, and has the smallest pool of beta users as well, so the data is less statistically significant.

Contributor Benjamin Jackson writes that the data confirms “the stereotype of the white male-dominated tech industry” and that first adopters of sites like App.net are indeed “often influential […] tech leaders based in and around New York and the Bay Area.”

We kid, but the survey makes striking point about techie concentrations of dudes with–as FWD defines it–“a visibly white complexion.” Or, in the case of App.net, men with visibly white complexions and $50.