In Updated Designs for 1 World Trade Center, Does the Spire Still Look Like a Spire?

One of the most debated pieces has been the spire, no longer encased in a giant sculpture, now looking wispy but visible.
The facade is meant to look solid and grand.
At night, the spire can't be missed.
One of the big changes has been the squaring off the base, which had to be redesigned after cost-engineering issues.
The base is now pleated, with no chamfered corners.
Inside the lobby, seen for the first time.
With or without its spire, the tower still dominates the downtown skyline.
From here, where's the point?
She sparkles.
Crowds for miles.
The biggest building in the hemisphere.
A new day dawns downtown.

After all the wrangling over the updated designs for the Durst Organization-overseen 1 World Trade Center (we’ve heard there was a list of 20 changes the developer wanted from the Port, all eventually granted), new renderings have been released for the project. They show a building that looks a little sharper, perhaps a little less striking, but something still bound to dominate the skyline, as if that were not already abundantly clear from the just-about-topped-out tower. Have a look for yourself and decide whether this is an improvement.

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