Is Taylor Swift Dating The Founder of Crocs? (Almost Certainly Not)

The country singer Taylor Swift, spotted frequently at the Kennedy compound with young political scion Conor, was recently implicated in a car accident out West–with a businessman who may want to become the subject of one of her tell-all songs. Crocs founder George Boedecker, per The Smoking Gun, was pulled over for DUI in Boulder, Colo., and told police his “batshit crazy” girlfriend had been driving the car, and that she was the famous Nashville chanteuse. (Look, we don’t love all of her songs, but “batshit”? That’s just unkind!) Mr. Boedecker is reported to have gestured vaguely at a nearby yard and said Ms. Swift had fled the scene to Nashville. (Had she said her new home in Hyannis, we might have believed him…)

While we highly doubt that 51-year-old Mr. Boedecker is dating 22-year-old Taylor Swift, we also know that she has an attraction to bad boys (John Mayer) and men of a more advanced age (Jake Gyllenhaal was no spring chicken, and he wears Crocs…). Too, the timing of her new revenge single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” seems spurious. What could possibly have set the singer off so? We’ve reached out to Ms. Swift’s publicist for comment!