It’s Tyra Time: America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Enters New Era

The Observer was in a green room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, sitting on a small couch with Tyra Banks to talk about America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. We were sweating bullets; up close, the 38-year-old diva is larger-than-life and, ironically, much more attractive than she appears on her show. Maybe because she was smiling at us. She looked relaxed and happy, but we stayed tense, ready to bolt if she started her signature tough-love approach: yelling at us for not being fierce enough, or shaking her head in disgusted disappointment that we haven’t live up to her expectations.

After a moment of silence, we finally cleared our throats, and apologized for being terrified.

Ms. Banks laughed.

“Oh, but that’s just a thing,” the retired supermodel told us. “That’s a character.”
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It’s Tyra Time: <em>America’s Next Top Model: College Edition</em> Enters New Era