Look at This! Cindy Tower’s Charlie Finch Nudes

Portrait of Charlie Finch with Jeanie Deans of the Sidney Janis Gallery, NYC
This work is comprised of oil paint and photos of dealers, artists and collectors in bottles on canvas. Charlie Finch is the ocotopus.
Detail showing artist's father in center bottom bottle

If you’ve ever wanted to see the recently retired critic Charlie Finch naked, you’re in luck. Today we bring you a very special, historical, NSFW edition of “Look at This!” In 1998 the artist Cindy Tower did an installation at Trans Hudson gallery called “Pirate Cindy” that incorporated parts of her truck, which had broken down on the way to the gallery. It also included several nude paintings of Mr. Finch, her boyfriend at the time, in various states of undress and drunkenness. Since the end of Artnet magazine, we have to imagine that the paintings are fairly representative of how Mr. Finch spends his time these days. Anyway, how can you resist this? Go!