Lost Raphael Found in Bank Vault

The painting in question. (Courtesy sagerecovery.com)

A painting attributed to Raphael, Portrait of a Young Man (c. 1513), that was stolen from Poland by the Nazis and feared to be destroyed was recently discovered in a bank vault in an “undisclosed location,” The Art Newspaper reports.

More details from that story:

“A spokesman for Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Office for the Restitution of Cultural Goods told the Polish media today (1 August) that he is confident the painting will be returned to Poland. “Most importantly, the work was not lost in the turmoil of the war. It has not been burnt or destroyed. It exists. It is safely waiting in a region of the world where the law favours us,” he said, declining to disclose in which country.”

The story adds that it was initially stolen for Hitler’s Führermuseum in Linz, Austria.

Lost Raphael Found in Bank Vault