Major Donor and Director Clash at Canadian Museum

(Courtesy Wikipedia)

Kathleen Bartels, the director of the Vancouver Art Gallery and Bob Rennie, a local real estate magnate and art collector, have recently been at odds over new plans to expand the museum, The Globe and Mail reports. Ms. Bartels has advocated for a large expansion, one big home, while Mr. Rennie has proposed building eight to ten smaller spaces.

The discourse has been tense, for Canada. From the piece:

“One of the hallmarks of the Vancouver Art Gallery and our exhibition program is to really find thematic links between historical and contemporary, the local and the global, and I think that would be very difficult to do with multiple sites,” she says. “People have come to see Vermeer, Rembrandt and have discovered Huang Yong Ping. And they probably wouldn’t have done that if it had been at a separate site.”