Meet 345 Meatpacking, the New Condo Soon to Emerge from Yayoi Kusama’s Yellow Wrapper

Going for bronze! (DDG Partners)

345 Meatpacking. (DDG Partners)

Yayoi Kusama’s snake-like wrapper for a new Meatpacking District condo project tied up New Yorkers attention on Friday when it was first revealed—a collaboration between the Whitney and developers DDG Partners, the nifty netting has yet to be installed. But what is hidden behind one of the biggest pieces of public art to appear downtown in awhile? Some 37 luxury condo units, of course.

Dubbed as 345 Meatpacking by the developer, 345 West 14th Street just got a teaser site has just been launched, with prices set to be announced this fall, when the wrapper comes down and the building, designed in-house by DDG, is revealed. The developer has passed along these renderings to whet our real estate porn appetites.

The building is cast in hand-laid gray Kolumba brick from Denmark, according to a rep, with a three-story bronze crown on top. While the building is all new construction, the addition-al aesthetic is proving rather popular in the neighborhood.

The 11-story project replaces an old three-story commercial building that once held the 14th Street frontage. Jay-Z and Andre Balazs were set to turn the site into a hotel but lost the plot during the downturn.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said the roof of the structure was copper, not bronze. The Observer regrets the error.