Mickalene Thomas Debuts Her First Documentary at the Brooklyn Museum

Thomas. (Patrick McMullan)

This fall, Mickalene Thomas will premiere her first documentary during the opening of her solo show, Mickalene Thomas: Origin of the Universe,” at the Brooklyn Museum. The documentary is called Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman. According to an announcement from Lehmann Maupin, the artist’s gallery, it is a “celebration of Thomas’s mother and muse, Sandra Bush.” Her mother also happens to be the subject of a number of photographs and paintings that will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum show.

Ms. Thomas said in a statement:

At the moment, my mother is suffering from illness and kidney failure, having to go to dialysis 3 days a week. She has lost 30 pounds and lives by herself. I want to continue to use her in my work as a way to investigate and grasp the understanding of beauty, success and failure. She is 6’1” and modeled for most of her life. I want my work to represent her in the reality of who she is, but I also want to capture her strength and beauty.