Booting Up: Google’s Plan for Motorola Starts With Massive Job Cuts Edition

google motorola 360 Booting Up: Googles Plan for Motorola Starts With Massive Job Cuts Edition


How did big data become a meme? Here’s a hint: a catchy, non-technical name helps. [New York Times]

Larry Page’s big plan for his “boldest” acquisition involves laying off 20 percent of Motorola’s work force–and nearly a third of its 94 offices around the globe–on his way to becoming a hardware manufacturer. Generous severance packages will cost the company $275 million. [The Next Web]

JFK Airport’s $100 million security system was no match for tipsy jet skier, who climbed the fence and made his way into Terminal 3. [New York Post]

We’d never thought of publicly tearing Facebook a new one as a fundraising strategy, but it seems to have worked for Dalton Caldwell. just raised $500,050 to build a new kind of social network. [The Verge]

A new accelerator, developed by Venture Catalyst Partners, launched in New York City over the weekend called Tribe of 12. You can read all about how they combine, “high-level collaboration, ‘think-tank’-based masterminding and Super-Fueled ‘ideation,'” that is if you can get past the scare quotes and jargon in the press release. [Virtual Strategy]