NASA Scientist and Internet Crush Bobak Ferdowsi Hosting a Radio Show Called ‘Getting Curious with the Mohawk Guy’

It starts today at 4pm EDT.

 NASA Scientist and Internet Crush Bobak Ferdowsi Hosting a Radio Show Called Getting Curious with the Mohawk Guy

(Photo: NewNowNext)

It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in with super-studly NASA scientist Bobak Ferdowsi, who became an Internet sensation overnight for helping land the Mars Curiosity rover while lookin’ fly in a specially-styled mohawk. The Internet was agog when they discovered that genius young flight directors could also be attractive.

Now Mr. Ferdowsi is parlaying his devastating breed of smart and charming into a radio show he’s hosting today, entitled “Getting Curious With the Mohawk Guy,” natch.

According to Space Industry News, Mr. Ferdowsi:

will host a two-hour online broadcast on Internet radio station Third Rock Radio at 4 p.m. EDT, Thursday, August 30.

The show, entitled “Getting Curious with the Mohawk Guy,” will feature Ferdowsi discussing his experience with the landing of Curiosity, NASA’s evolving image, and renewed interest in science and exploration.

Third Rock Radio is “produced under a NASA Space Act Agreement” to help engage young people in science and engineering, so the partnership is a natural fit. Mr. Ferdowsi is a symbol of two previously polarized ideas: that cool people and scientists aren’t mutually exclusive. Go figure.

Now if only we could get him his own reality show. Though–and our sincerest apologies, straight ladies and gay men–Mr. Ferdowsi does have a girlfriend, so he probably won’t be showing up on The Bachelor any time soon.