New York Libraries Offer Facebook How-To for Seniors, So Your Grandma Can Find You

Seriously, would it kill you to pick up the phone once in a while?

6749241181 418eb40999 New York Libraries Offer Facebook How To for Seniors, So Your Grandma Can Find YouThis can’t possibly bode well for Facebook’s growth trajectory: Reuters reports that 87 New York libraries are now offering classes for seniors looking to learn their way around the social networking site.

Well, we wouldn’t want Grandma to miss out on those drunken party photos of you making out with that one dude whom you are definitely not ready to bring home to meet the family, now would we?

Taught by the senior librarian, the class at the Bronx’s Spuyten Duyvil Library runs about 90 minutes long and covers things like “how to start an account and deal with notifications, newsfeeds, timelines and privacy issues.”

Can millenials get in on that? We know some digital natives that could use a privacy refresher.

And it sounds like the appeal is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. 76-year-old Rosalind Licht explained:

“I understand that young people, the grandchildren, don’t use e-mail very much now. They only use Facebook, specifically, so I feel it is another way of communication with them,” she said.

Might want to do a little quick self-editing on the ole timeline, folks.