Butter Sculpture at 2012 New York State Fair Celebrates Greek Yogurt

Former Florida Senator Bob Graham standing next to a butter sculpture at the 2003 Iowa State Fair.

If, like us, you’re headed to the 2012 Great New York State Fair, in Syracuse, N.Y., this weekend, be sure to take a look at this year’s annual butter sculpture. Judging by the images and video we’ve seen, it looks pretty remarkable. It’s located in the Dairy Products Building of the fair, according to YNN News, which has photos and videos of the work.

This year’s sculpture was made out of 800 pounds of butter by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton. It is titled New York Goes for the Gold with Greek Yogurt, and features two children running away from a large yogurt cup bearing the Olympic flame. There is also a flag-waving cow. The Syracuse Post-Standard also has exclusive videos and photos of the piece.

It seems that the sculpture was inspired by the recent popularity of Greek yogurt, which has been a boon for New York dairy farmers since it requires three times as much milk to make as regular yogurt, according to The Post-Standard. The things you learn reading Gallerist.