Oliver Sacks PSA: Stick to LSD, Stay Off Adderall [Video]

Tripping the light fantastic with Oliver Sacks. (YouTube)

Oliver Sacks, the acclaimed British neurologist (and amateur chemist, hint hint) whose essays about prosopagnosia and other weird brain disorders have appeared in The New Yorker and several best-selling books, isn’t going to condone the use of hallucinogens as a way to get rid of headaches/gain insight into and empathy toward others/see pretty fractal patterns. But to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, it’s always worked for him, as he notes in a recent YouTube video posted to his account.

On the other hand, the prescription drug Adderall , which, yes, is an amphetamine, is probably the worst drug you can put in your body.

Okay, but where does he stand on bath salts?