Pizza Hut is Offering a Mars-Themed Pizza Because Of Course

"That sounds pretty nasty" - The consensus of Pizza Hut's Facebook fans

picture 51 Pizza Hut is Offering a Mars Themed Pizza Because Of Course

(Photo: Facebook)

Pizza Hut is–as one Facebook commenter put it–“capitalizing on a national moment” for its own cheesy, corporate benefit by offering a Mars-themed pizza with all red toppings. For just $10, you can eat a “red planet” pizza with diced tomato, pepperoni and red onions.

And just how do Pizza Hut’s Facebook fans feel about this? Ehhhh.

  • “that sounds pretty nasty” – Walter P.
  • “What a cheap corporate way to capitalize on a national moment.” – Safwan M.
  • “fire! fire in the hole!…might as well throw in some captain morgan and red pepper while we’re at it!” – Missy C.

Well then.