Police Crack $23 M. Cambridge Museum Burglary

Some of the stolen items. (Courtesy BBC)

Three men and a teenage boy have admitted that they were involved in a robbery this April at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, the Cambridge News reports. The theft saw the disappearance of some $8 million to $23 million worth of Chinese artifacts, which have not yet been recovered.

From the story:

Det Chief Insp Jim McCrorie said: “Today’s guilty pleas follow a large scale police operation and a lot of hard work to ensure those involved in this burglary were caught and convicted. Sadly the items, which are of huge cultural significance, have still not been traced but we remain committed to pursuing new lines of enquiry that could lead to us recovering them.

The men were all in their 20s, the boy 15.

Police Crack $23 M. Cambridge Museum Burglary