Rapper 2 Chainz Isn’t Above a Bit of Search Engine Optimization

The game is cold.

In the latest (and possibly last) edition of Spin (which isn’t online yet), there’s a brief “Words of Wisdom” profile with rapper and Nicki Minaj collaborator 2 Chainz, where he makes a confession about his early attempts at self-promotion. His strategy? To work with other, more famous rappers, and thereby become “part of their Google.” He elaborates:

“I would also try to be a part of their Google. Like when you Google Gucci Mane, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, anyone in Atlanta–basically everybody except Outkast. I kept that same concept outside of Georgia. Every artist that wanted to work with me, I would do a verse with ‘em.”

By the laws of the Internet, you, sir, are now qualified to add “brand evangelist” to your Twitter bio.