Rashida Jones and Will McCormack on the Comic Roles They Wrote for Themselves in Celeste and Jesse Forever

It isn’t rare for Hollywood stars to step out of the spotlight and behind the scenes of late, with names as big as Madonna and Angelina Jolie getting Oscar buzz last year for their stints in the director’s chair. The newest actor-turned-something-else is Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones, who, along with friend and fellow actor Will McCormack, wrote the script for new release Celeste and Jesse Forever, in which they both appear. (Read our review here.) At last night’s Peggy Siegal Company special screening, in support of the International Rescue Committee, Ms. Jones and Mr. McCormack gave The Observer the lowdown on writing their own characters. “Most people would write a superhero, or some kind of animated character, I just picked a business woman,” joked Ms. Jones. “Thats my aspiration.” Read More