Roundup: A Stealthy Cloaking Worthy Of A Klingon Warship In Star Trek

Mayor Bloomberg wants to control crime, not guns.

He said current gun laws are “just preposterous.”

Corey Johnson received the endorsement of three openly gay congressmen, further cementing his status as the frontrunner to replace Christine Quinn.

Are Republicans still pining after Dan Senor?

Evergreen Chou, the Green Party candidate in NY-6, hasn’t raised much money so far.

The Daily Beast discovered that Mindy Meyer “is harder to book than Bill Clinton.”

The Cuomo administration continued to showcase their love of yogurt, even declaring a “Yogurt Summit” in Albany.

They’re also looking to clamp down on bath salts.

Ravi Batra threatened to quit the state’s ethics board, saying the delay in reporting critical information had the “net effect of a delayed 6-month stealthy cloaking worthy of a Klingon warship in Star Trek.”

Eric Ulrich criticized Joe Addabbo for walking out before the redistricting vote.

Addabbo nabbed the influential backing of the Hotel Trades Union.

Albany County’s GOP Chairman lashed out at Carl Paladino’s latest attack on the GOP Senate conference, writing back, “I know you were trying to get a primary opponent against George Amedore here in Albany. It was fun to chase you ass out of Albany County on that one.”

Virginia is a top source for guns recovered in New York.

Why exactly is Barack Obama holding a baseball bat when he is on the phone with the prime minister of Turkey?

A new Center for American Progress report named paid sick days as instrumental in rebuilding the middle class.

The problem with (Rob) Portman: he may bring back bad memories of budget busting during the Bush years.

A liberal blogger thinks that Mitt Romney has walked right into a Democratic trap by refusing to release his tax returns and by promoting a tax plan that favors the wealthy.

Chris Christie, who is pro-life, thinks that Romney should pick a pro-life vice-president.

Voters will be heading to the polls tonight in Tennessee.

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Roundup: A Stealthy Cloaking Worthy Of A Klingon Warship In Star Trek