Ryan Gosling’s Coloring Book: The Rejected Applicants

  • gosling page 11 Ryan Gosling’s Coloring Book: The Rejected ApplicantsLast week, fans of The Notebook got some exciting news: Ides of March star Ryan Gosling was getting his own coloring book! Thanks to pop artist and pop culture paper doll creator Mel Elliott, you too can now own a little piece of Gosling to color in any way you like. Choose from whichever Gosling suits your erotic fantasy: the book has everything from Drive Gosling to Blue Valentine Gosling to Lars and the Real Girl Boss-Gos.

    But surely the hunky inspiration for the Hey Girl meme can’t be the only media figure worthy of a couple Crayolas on a rainy afternoon. We went through ILoveMel’s trash and found seven rejected prototypes for a spin-off series. Take a look!

  • Linda Ramone== JOHN VARVATOS Celebrates the Launch of COMMANDO: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone== John Varvatos 315 Bowery Boutique, New York== March 29, 2012== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo-JIMI CELESTE/patrickmcmullan.com==

  • Hey girl, I heard you want to make some arts and crafts in school. I got a voucher with your name on it.”

  • Mr. Costas is lonely in his five-star. Can you give him some friends to eat strawberries and cream with?

  • Mr. Dimon needs some bling! How about giving J.P. Morgan’s CEO a diamond crown and a thought bubble that reads “It’s a Free. Fucking. Country.”

  • Use your imagination to give OWS’s favorite officer a Ralph Lauren suit in every color!

  • It’s never too early to get your children interested in New York’s finest local news anchor who is actually Canadian.

  • And if they finish their homework, they can have a box of Crayolas to color themselves with while watching Gossip Girl.

  • Make sure to bring one to your next abortion party ... and remember: it’s not coloring if you only use the white crayon.