Sculptor Claims He Was Not Paid for Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Statue

The statue. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Artist Raoul Cadet has sued the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Memorial Committee because he says they owe him $25,000 for a statue he completed of the politician, New York’s first African-American congressman. Courthouse News has the story.

The $25,000 represents the final installment on a total sum of $300,000 for the job. Mr. Cadet also said the committee rejected an opportunity to use the statue in the opening credits of a television show, which might have provided the funds to pay him.

A few more details:

“The committee has acknowledged its debt and promised to pay Mr. Cadet on numerous occasions, but has always maintained that it does not have the funds to pay him,” the complaint states. “Recently, however, the committee has changed its tune, and now flatly denies any obligation to Mr. Cadet. Without any explanation, it has even rejected a licensing agreement with a national television network that sought to use the image of the memorial in the opening credits of a new television series called ‘NYC 22,’ which could have provided the means for the committee to resolve its obligations to Mr. Cadet, while providing the memorial with national exposure.”

Cadet claims the committee rejected the licensing opportunity “for no discernible reason other than spite.”

Sculptor Claims He Was Not Paid for Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Statue