Show of Frank Auerbach’s Early Paintings Comes to London

Frank Auerbach, Self-portrait (Courtesy

On November 2, a show of early portraits by Frank Auerbach will be exhibited in a special loan show at London’s Offer Waterman Gallery. The show comprises the years 1954-1978, a time in the artist’s career that includes his first solo show at Beaux Arts Gallery in 1956 and his joining of Marlborough Gallery in 1965.

Auerbach, a friend and contemporary of Leo Kassoff and Lucian Freud, fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and became a naturalized British citizen in 1947. He rarely leaves England. He has worked in the same studio in London sine the 1950s. The show, which runs through December 1, was curated by art historian Catherine Lampert and will feature 18 works from private collections, some of which have not been seen in three decades.