Silence on Gun Violence

Another week, another horrific case of gun violence, another opportunity for the presidential candidates to tell us what they plan to do about controlling the flow of weapons in this country.

Don’t bet on it.

A gunman opened fire on the campus of Texas A&M this week, leading to the deaths of a constable and a bystander—the gunman himself also was killed. But if you think this incident will inspire either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney to give us specifics about their plans for tighter gun regulations any time soon, you’re delusional. They didn’t speak out after the horrific killings in Colorado last month. So they’re certainly not going to speak out now.

It is said that states like New York won’t matter in the presidential race because we are not a battleground state. But New York can and should make a difference as a voice for common sense and reasonable gun control. The candidates may be unmoved, but New Yorkers are not—Democrats, Republicans and independents overwhelmingly support aggressive enforcement of existing gun laws.

New York can be a leader on this issue in the fall, a passionate advocate for the countless victims of gun violence.

Silence on Gun Violence