True Love: Artistic Renaissance Man Andrew Levitas Finds Perfect Match in SoHo Loft

  • Expecting the unexpected can be exhilarating and all, but there is something oddly satisfying when people behave in wholly predictable ways. Thus, we felt a sensation bordering on delight when we learned that multifaceted, multimedia, multiplatform artist Andrew Levitas had purchased a SoHo loft at 451 West Broadway.

    Mr. Levitas, a producer/photographer/actor/writer/painter, is a New York native who grew up equally immersed in the worlds of art and privilege, so a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the now-rarefied Cast Iron District seems like a perfect fit for this man of many talents.

    “Some days I wake up at four o’clock in the morning, go surf, write for a couple of hours, paint for a couple more, and then go out and shoot photos,” Mr. Levitas detailed his life in L.A./creative process to Interview Magazine. Has he met James Franco? They would totally be BFFs.

    The loft is as rakishly handsome as Mr. Levitas: there’s exposed brick, hardwood floors, what appear to be hardwood ceilings (we’re sure there’s reclaimed wood in there somewhere) and a high-end kitchen with teak and zinc. The fifth-floor spread also has several possible locations to put in a working fireplace, the listing, held by Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Anne Prosser, informs us. Even more perfect. Not that this kind of place comes cheap—Mr. Levitas paid $1.74 million, according to city records. And that’s a fair amount less than the $2.1 million seller Stanley Gilula was asking for (he originally tried for $2.4 million when he listed it last September).

  • Love the sink. Looks like something left over from the apartment's squalid past.

  • This kitchen is surprisingly spacious and warm (it doesn't look like some something in a high-end institution).

  • The former owner liked art as well.

  • Homey.

  • Exposed brick, white walls, track lighting: this bedroom is kind of calling it in.

  • The floorplan.