Upper East Side Gallery Damaged by Second Avenue Subway Explosion

(Courtesy PropertyShark)

An underground blast at the Second Avenue subway project at East 72nd Street reached street level on Tuesday, damaging the windows at Kolb Art Gallery at 1357 Second Avenue.

“We were doing a controlled blast when clearly something went awry and an explosion was felt at street level,” Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesperson Adam Lisberg told The New York Times‘ City Room blog.

“They usually dynamite a couple times a day, and today when it happened, it broke out across the street,” Marsha Kausman, who works at the gallery, told Gallerist over the phone. “A window broke and a couple of little vases broke. Nobody was hurt.”

A building inspector was at the gallery when we called.

Windows were cracked on several floors of the building that houses the gallery, The Times said. The MTA is currently investigating why the blast caused damage above ground.