Warhol Fans Apparently Leave Soup Cans at His Grave

(Courtesy pghcitypaper.com)

Today would have been Andy Warhol’s 84th birthday and NPR visited his grave in Pennsylvania for the occasion.

It turns out that the artist’s fans have the odd tradition of placing Coca-Cola and cans of Campbell’s soup on his headstone.

More from NPR:

[Artist Madelyn] Roehrig says she’s seen all sorts of flavors — “Mainly tomato, and chicken noodle, and all the varieties of chicken noodle. Now you’re getting low fat, low salt.

“And then some of the competition,” she adds. “Cup-O’-Noodles show up every once in a while, and it kind of stands out, you know. I don’t know why somebody would want to do that, but they do.”