What Y Combinator Startups Actually Do, Based on Their (Unpronounceable) Names

Disrupting startup names.

 What Y Combinator Startups Actually Do, Based on Their (Unpronounceable) Names

(Photo: Ink Head)

Valley-based startup accelerator Y Combinator celebrated its 15th demo day yesterday, with 75 fledgling startups pitching their ideas to a dazzling collection of idea-hungry VC firms and pageview-hungry press outlets. Here’s what we think some of the companies do, based on their rather unpronounceable names.

Markupwand: Daily deals flash site for Harry Potter cosplayers.

Tapin: A British female rapper.

Amicus: It means friend in Latin, so maybe it’s like Buddy Media, except for a time-shifted, papyrus-based social network.

Scoutzie: A reason to be sad Harper Lee is alive to see the tech boom.

Vayable: Mobile payments network for sex workers.

Hubcilla: A place to store your ferrets.

Microeval: A store for tiny anvils.

BufferBox: Vagina shining service, “like shoe-shining, but for vees.”

IMGFave: Sony attempts a Twitter client.

Plivo: A store for buying virtual plows for Farmville.

Airbrite: A modern-day, super high tech Light Brite.

Everyday.Me: A social network for narcissists.

Spinpunch: A punchbowl on a lazy Susan.

Mth: A social network for never-nudes.

ProFig: Like PETA, but for figs.

Coco Controller: Ice-T.

Zapier: Birchbox for swords.

Collections.me: A social network for hoarders.

Keychain Logistics: An excel-like tool for mapping out which Claire’s keychains you and your friends had in middle school.

Survata: For people that call their yoga teacher a “guru.”

Referly: A referral program for door-to-door weed dealers.

Instacart: Artistic filters for MarioKart screenshots.

Virool: Spittle that forms at the edge of your mouth when you spend too long looking at a screen.

BigCalc: An iPad-sized calculator.

Knowmia: An encylopedia for bulimics.

Kamcord: What Kimmy from Full House calls her DVR.

Tomoguides: Sushi app where you have to care for your sushi like a Tamagotchi.