Where Is All That Non-Olympics Progress Everybody Keeps Bragging About?

An aborted site for a new velodrome in the South Bronx. (David Dunlap/NYT)

The talking point since the Olympics kicked off in London has been, “Hey, we didn’t get the games, but we got a heck of a lot more, a blueprint for the future of this city.” Thing is, though, that plan largely remains a blueprint and little more, hype notwithstanding.

Look no further than The Times’ David Dunlap’s telling tour  of the various Olympic sites–Bushwick Inlet Park, Hudson Yards, a new park in the South Bronx–to see how much of the much-talked-about development has yet to materialize.

Whether or not this is good, we’ll really never know. The market is the market, so maybe there is a good reason these things haven’t been built. If they had been, who is to say this wouldn’t have been just another Olympics boondoggle?

Perhaps it is time we let the Olympics cheerleading go.