Which Magazines Are the Most Screwed by Gatsby Switch?

The highly-anticipated Great Gatsby re-boot (or whatever!) was to be released this Christmas, but it’s avoiding the Anna Karenina/Django Unchained/Hobbit pile-up with a move to next summer. Totally speculating here: this throws the editorial calendars of several top magazines into chaos. Herewith, our deeply un-educated guesses on the stories and cover lines editors are stuck with:

Leonardo DiCaprio (Gatsby), Vanity Fair, December 2012

Headline: “YES, LEO’S BACK! Hollywood’s Ultimate Bad Boy Goes Back to the Roaring Twenties–and Aims At Oscar”

Editorial Concept: Leo plays with a baby tiger cub, smokes a cigar by a pool, walks through a hedge maze.

Carey Mulligan (Daisy), Vogue, November 2012

Headline: “SECRETS OF EAST EGG: Carey Mulligan as the Woman Who Stole Gatsby’s Heart”

Editorial Concept: Done entirely in character, with special attention to the scene with all Gatsby’s shirts on the floor.

Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway), Esquire, November 2012

Headline: “THE TAO OF TOBEY: Hollywood’s Hottest Recluse on Fitzgerald, Film, Finding Contentment–and What He’s Learned Along the Way”

Editorial Concept: Looking stern on a golf course.

Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan), GQ, October 2012

Headline: “TIE ONE ON! The 12 Neckties You Need Now”

Editorial Concept: Mr. Edgerton models a bunch of ties.

Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson), Allure, January 2013

Headline: “IT’S ISLA! Mrs. Borat (That’s Right!) On Her Big New Role”

Editorial Concept: Best mascaras for your hair color.

Which Magazines Are the Most Screwed by <em>Gatsby</em> Switch?