‘Yes We Cat!’: The DNC Gets Late Start on Terrible Viral Videos

Democrat Cat (YouTube)

Come on, Democrats! The Republicans are totally kicking your ass right now in terms of absurd viral content. Sure, we know there’s a lot more cringe-inducing material for them to choose from, as the Tampa convention has already started. But for every Karl Rove James Carville impression, or politicians Tweeting pics with Jon Voight, you guys need to be up there with promoting next week’s CarolinaFest …

Wait, is the DNC actually called CarolinaFest? Never mind, you guys just won it. James Taylor is playing? Perfect.

This very lazy attempt to cash in on the internet’s love of cats and the tourist attractions of Charlotte, N.C. (Side question: Was that Bank of America shot supposed to be ironic?) is just icing on the liberal cake.

Which is also shaped like a cat.