Booting Up: Using Apple Products Ain’t as Easy as It Used to Be Edition

 Booting Up: Using Apple Products Aint as Easy as It Used to Be Edition

“Iz not ‘out of the box’ experience I wuz promised.” (Photo:

BuzzFeed has purchased Kingfish Labs, a company specializing in Facebook data. This is probably the strategic equivalent of that point in the pandemic movie where the virus mutates, goes airborne, and gets really serious. [Business Insider]

“While it used to be that Apple was the brand which uncomplicated computing, for me, anyway, that’s simply no longer true.” [John Battelle]

Bad news, Android users: More than 50 percent of devices contain “unpatched vulnerabilities.” [BGR]

Maine is home to the first electricity-generating tidal turbine in America.  [Portland Press Herald]

This Mennonite community is just about the last bunch of people left in the world who don’t look at a camera and start automatically posing for a Facebook cover photo. [Wired]