Big Apple Idolatry: Bushnell Settles Sex Score, Paul Rudd’s Lucky Strike, and Baldwin’s Beef Fetish

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– Rob Lowe, Stephen Colbert, and the cast of Modern Family will be filling in for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America this week while the ABC host undergoes a bone marrow transplant. Hey, we’d take a soggy piece of bread over last week’s substitute, Jessica Simpson.

– Would you like to go bowling with Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, Denis O’Hare, John Oliver, and not one but two stars of a Law&Order franchise? Of course you do. We don’t even need to mention that the whole thing’s for charity. You were already sold.

– Candace Bushnell keeps having to resettle the same old lawsuit with former manager (and alleged Stanford inspiration) Clifford Streit. She keeps giving him money for his part in helping her get Sex and the City on HBO, and he keeps telling her its not enough. She should just stop and ask herself, WWCBD?

-Alec Baldwin’s dream Portlandia role: “A meat salesman with all kinds of charts and graphs of the loins and the sections of the pig and the cow and the organs.” Just no pig, please…we’re keeping kosher this week.