Bizzaro New ‘Online Cemetery’ Kind of Makes Us Want to Cry


When a netizen dies, what happens to his online body of work?

Many times websites of the deceased are shuttered by family members or slowly kicked down the Google index the longer they sit dormant. Defunct Facebook profiles are turned into online memorials for the dead, where people collect to share their memories and best wishes. Facebook even has a form you can fill out to “memorialize” a deceased person’s profile.

Memmento, a new site that launched today, wants to transition memorials from Facebook onto its own death-dedicated platform. The results are as unsettling as you’d probably expect. The site is a virtual graveyard littered with photos, videos and memories of souls long gone. Users can choose to leave flowers or candles on the “official” pages of deceased stars like Donna Summer and Steve Jobs. They can also write notes and upload photos and videos.
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