Both Sides Now Airing Ads in Staten Island Congressional Race [Video]

(Photo: YouTube)

On Friday morning, Mark Murphy, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Michael Grimm, unleashed his first television ad aiming to draw attention to some of the controversies surrounding the incumbent. “Murphy TV Ad Focuses on Grimm’s Character Flaws” the subject line of Mr. Murphy’s press release read, for example. “With characters like these around him, we can’t help but wonder about Michael Grimm’s character,” the ad itself declared after ticking off a list of “questionable characters.”

While Mr. Grimm’s campaign lashed out at Mr. Murphy at the time, it seems they were already readying a positive ad to boost his character as well. To wit, “Michael Grimm: Our Voice in Washington” quietly popped up on Mr. Grimm’s YouTube channel on Friday, and this morning, his spokeswoman confirmed the ad has been airing in Staten Island and Brooklyn since last week.

Amid uplifting orchestral strums, a female narrator highlights Mr. Grimm’s biography as a veteran and former FBI agent, in addition to his efforts to lower bridge tolls and fix the economy. Like his speech kicking off his campaign last week, Mr. Grimm’s ad doesn’t mention Mr. Murphy’s name or really even acknowledge he has an opponent.

The congressional district the two candidates are vying to represent next year leans Republican, but Democrats hope that by going sharply negative on Mr. Grimm, they can tear away some voters who would otherwise be inclined to reelect him. Mr. Grimm, however, seems to be staying positive for the time being.

Watch both ads below:

Both Sides Now Airing Ads in Staten Island Congressional Race [Video]