If You Need Us, We’ll Probably Be Playing This Weirdly Enthralling Game

Not exactly high tech.

screen shot 2012 09 06 at 4 45 24 pm If You Need Us, Well Probably Be Playing This Weirdly Enthralling Game

Just look at that font. (Screencap)

This Betabeat reporter is young enough to have entirely missed the era of text adventure games, that most old-fashioned of computer game formats. However, that may very well leave us defenseless against the charms of Cypher–which is cyberpunk themed, for maximum throwback appeal. Like, is that even still a real thing?

Say the gamers at Kotaku

Argentinian developers The Cabrera Brothers are working on Cypher, an all-new, commercial text adventure that doesn’t just take us back to the 80s in terms of input, but also with its Blade Runner-inspired cyberpunk visuals (of which it looks like there’s a ton).

You might think typing words onto a keyboard to control a game is quaint, and in many ways it is (not to mention frustrating), but there’s a sense of immersion and flexibility you get from it that a mouse-driven menu system just can’t match.

Here’s the trailer, which is weirdly mesmerizing: