All Your Domains Belong to This Chinese Man

And Pinterest has had enough.

 All Your Domains Belong to This Chinese Man

From China, with love. (Photo:

Don’t be alarmed, but at this very moment, a Chinese man might be registering the Italian domain for your ultra-hot startup.

GigaOm reports that one dude is buying up “dozens” of URLs suspiciously like those of up-and-coming U.S. startups. Nor is Nanjing resident Qian Jin merely registering domains like,, and (We assume that last one is part of a plan to launch a Pinterest clone devoted to the appreciation of pilsners.) He’s also applied for trademarks that might sound awfully familiar–think Foursquare and Instagram.

Both of those things could create major headaches for a company eyeing eventual global expansion.

Well, Pinterest, for one, has had enough. GigaOm says the company filed suit last week:

Qian’s activities are described in a lawsuit filed by Pinterest last week in San Francisco. In its complaint, the popular image site says the defendant is a “serial cyber-squatter who has registered and owns hundreds of infringing domain names.” The company points to Qian’s ““, a site that uses red-lettering similar to Pinterest but that appears to be just a dumping ground for advertisements.

The complaint angrily accuses the man of attempting to “take unlawful advantage of Pinterest’s extraordinary popularity.”

So when are they going after all those clones?