TobyMac Tops Charts, First Christian Album in 15 Years [Video]

TobyMac on ‘The View’ (ABC)

How often is it that you can call any decidedly Christian rock song a “chart-topper?” Probably not since the mid-’90s, when singers like Amy Grant or LeAnn Rimes could combine their theology with an insane vocal range.

But against all odds, it’s happened again:

Today, the genre of Christian music has hit another peak, with The New York Times heralding in a new era of C-rock, thanks to a performance of TobyMac’s “Eye on It” (Forefront), which hit the top Billboard numbers this week at 69,000 sales. Why is now such a good time for Christian rock? It might have something to do with how bad its listeners feel about ripping the song from bittorrent sites instead of buying:

Depending on whether you see the music industry’s glass as half-empty or half-full, this either points to a long-running genre that has built a healthy audience or simply done a better job holding on while most other music sales have tanked. According to Billboard, 27 percent of TobyMac’s sales came from Christian retailers and bookstores.

And in case you wondered what you were missing from TobyMac, here you go!

TobyMac Tops Charts, First Christian Album in 15 Years [Video]