David Everitt Howe to Participant Inc

Howe. (Courtesy Twitter)

New gig alert! The writer, curator and man about the art world David Everitt Howe has landed a new job as curatorial development associate at Participant Inc, the not-for-profit alternative space on the Lower East Side.

Mr. Howe, who freelances for a whopping eight publications, among them Modern Painters, Art Review, Afterall and Frieze, said he first met Participant’s founder Lia Gangitano through friends and then became closer with her after he reviewed the gallery’s recent Glen Fogel show.

“I liked the programming a lot, so I sort of volunteered to help her with things at the gallery,” he said in a phone call. “Then I said that I’d love to work here, but she couldn’t afford it at the time. She got a whole bunch of grants recently and said you should come work here again! I’ll pay you.”

Right now his time as curator-in-residence at Abrons Arts Center is winding down, and the Participant job is only part-time, but with eight publications to freelance for, it’s not as though he’s lacking for things to do. Mazel!

David Everitt Howe to Participant Inc