Entrepreneurs Shack Up and It’s Basically Animal House With Less Beer, More Pitch Decks

Minus the 50-50 gender split, of course.

 Entrepreneurs Shack Up and Its Basically Animal House With Less Beer, More Pitch Decks

Artist’s rendering. (Photo: flickr.com/rossaroni)

What happens when a scruffy bunch of startup scamps move into a posh neighborhood? Why, hijinks ensue, naturally.

See, San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood has something called “Billionaire’s Row,” where tech elites like Larry Ellison live. However, Businessweek reports that there is one mansion inhabited by an unusual crop of folks: not merely rentors, but entrepreneurs in their 30s, working on startup ideas. Nature took its course:

“‘It’s like an incubator,’ says Ryan Turri, a resident and aspiring beef jerky magnate. ‘You’re up at two in the morning and bouncing ideas off three or four guys who are all smart.'”

Unfortunately for the purposes of entertainment value, it sounds like the proceedings are just a little G-rated:

The neighbors have raised a few grumbles. One party got too raucous, and there was the time some folks from the house put on tuxes and crashed a party at the Gettys.

Still, beats the hell out of another Silicon Valley reality TV show.